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Blog » Iconic Movie Properties

January 18, 2016

 Ever since the film world started, movie sets have dazzled us with their choices of luxury homes and extravagant interiors. Whether the properties we see on screen are real locations or fake film sets, there are definitely some that take our breath away. In this blog we will take a look at some of the most beautiful, iconic houses and properties that we have seen on screen.

Hogwarts Castle – The Harry Potter series

The Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is definitely a location where a lot of us wish we could have gone to school! The exterior shots of the castle in the movie are actually shot using a model. The model was specifically built for exterior scenes. It is a grand and magical castle that could be recognised by millions of people worldwide. They also used Alnwick Castle to shoot several scenes that featured characters standing outside the school. If the outside of the castle wasn’t amazing enough – the interior is also a stunning view to see.

Highclere Castle – Downton Abbey

The current biggest Britishperiod drama Downton Abbey is set and filmed in the most exceptional castle in Yorkshire. It is a truly iconic Victorian property that makes the whole TV programme look like a real documentary brought back from the past! As expected, the interior of the castle displays vintage wallpaper and furniture that makes this mansion a wonder to look at.

The Winnetka, Ill house – Home Alone

The Home Alone house is one that many of us may recognise from our younger ages. It was mainly iconic for all the messes and disasters that happened within the house, when the lead child, Kevin, defeated a pair of burglars. This home became an attraction as soon as the movie made it big. It is a Colonial Georgian House that has been standing since 1921 in Chicago. In 2012, the home sold for $1.585 million!

The Bates Mansion – Psycho

Now, this is a house we probably wouldn’t want to visit – but it is definitely iconic! This house is well known from the movie Pyscho and is now part of the Universal Studios film tour. This creepy, broken home was built for the movie and the set has inspired many other horror movies that followed.

Noah’s House - The Notebook

In this film, the iconic house comes out of a ruined and abandoned building that the couple visit at the start of the film. The house that people recognise the most is then re-built by the male lead of the movie. Being one of the most romantic films in history, the house itself had to match. The beautiful white house was re-built from the original property in South Carolina back in 1900.

Jay Gatsby’s Mansion – The Great Gatsby

Luxury was definitely pulled out of the bag with this stunning property that was made with red-brick making it the perfect Georgian house. Most of the mansion on screen is a real place in Sydney Australia, the rest of the beauty is of course made with CGI. Apparently, before filming could begin, it took the team 14 weeks just to decorate and paint the interiors. In the film, the rooms inside look as deluxe as can be with expensive furniture and paintings covering every square inch!

All of these iconic properties may seem very dreamlike, however, we believe that anyone can make their home fit for a film set with the right décor and refurbishing!
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Iconic Movie Properties

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Ever since the film world started, movie sets have dazzled us with their choices of luxury homes and extravagant interiors. Whether the properties we see on screen are real locations or fake film sets...  » read more

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