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Blog » Flying the Nest – Tips for First Time Tenants

September 15, 2015

 One of the biggest challenges young people face today is leaving their family home and finding the independence to rent a house. There is no denying that letting a house for the first time is daunting, however, with a few tips and notes of advice – taking that first step towards independence can be easy and stress free.

Before you begin searching for properties, think realistically about what you can afford and how often your money comes in. If you plan to surf the net to find potential houses, use available search tools to get a list of properties that fit your budget. Don’t forget that rent is only one expense you have to worry about; gas and electricity prices must be considered too. The average tenant spends around £1,200 a year on gas, water and electric bills, so add that to your budgeting list also. Other expenses associated with owning or renting your own home include: Council Tax, house insurance, TV licence, broadband and telephone land line.

Before you move out

Before you choose to fly the nest, it would be wise to save money in preparation for becoming a new tenant. When you agree to a household with a landlord, you will need to pay a deposit – often as much as six weeks’ of rent which will be held in a deposit account until you leave the property (providing you don’t cause any damage while living in their property); some landlords also ask for a month’s rent in advance. If you are unable to raise enough money for a deposit, there are some bond schemes available through Local Authorities.

If you’re looking for the cheapest available options in housing, your best bet would be an unfurnished property, although of course you will need to pay for furniture yourself. Many first time tenants can rely on friends and family for second-hand furniture, so if this is an option for you – definitely consider it.

Selecting the right home

There are an incredible number of factors to think about when searching for your first home such as location, gardens, space, neighbours, facilities etc. Therefore the right research will set you on the right track to making no mistakes in selecting a house you can call a home.

When you notice a property that appeals to you, see what information you can find about that property. If there is a lack of information, never hesitate to contact the landlord and ask all the questions you have. Check if the house is furnished and if it is already well decorated, as the answer to these questions determines any more money you might need.

The area of the property will be a major factor that influences your decision. Research things such as transport links and crime in the area; also find out if the house is near any noisy public areas. There are a number of web sites that give an overview of areas and by entering the postcode of the property you can find out the level of crime, the proximity to local schools etc.

Moving in

So, you’ve signed the tenancy agreement (after reading it very carefully) and you’ve got the keys to your new home. It’s time to make use of your space and put that second-hand furniture to good use.

A good tenant keeps up to date with rent, respects the landlord and neighbours, and keeps their home well maintained and looked after. Make sure you tick all the boxes!

If you’re looking for your first home, contact one of our representatives to discuss your options. We have a variety of property types and sizes available in all areas of Greater Manchester and beyond.
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We have pleasant, helpful and experienced staff that will go above and beyond to ensure that the experience of finding, viewing and securing a property to rent goes as smoothly as possible. We offer both furnished and unfurnished accommodation in most areas of Manchester. We are always clear with you, and there are no hidden charges.
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September 15, 2015

One of the biggest challenges young people face today is leaving their family home and finding the independence to rent a house. There is no denying that letting a house for the first time is dauntin...  » read more


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